The trial is over. The jury is back. Things have not gone your way, even though you know that you had the better case. Maybe the judge threw out your case before it ever reached a jury by granting a motion for summary judgment, or a motion to dismiss.  What happens next? You need an experienced attorney to sctrutinze all of the evidence, testimony, arguments, and rulings in your case, and to make sure that the outcome was not swayed in unfair, unjust ways. Errors happen at trial, and Luke prides himself on picking apart trial records, detail by detail, and turning any errors he finds into compelling, persuasive arguments that will optimize your chances of getting the justice you deserve.

• Appeals from Jury Verdicts & Bench Trials

• Appeals from Summary Judgment Dismissals

• Appeals from 12(b)(6) Dismissals

• Motions for New Trial

• Petitions for Habeas Corpus

• Post-Judgment Relief



You've been hurt, and it's affecting every facet of your life. You're having a hard time working, a hard time getting through the day. What's worse, the person that hurt you is someone you thought you could trust: your doctor, your lawyer, or the huge corporations that profit from products that carry dangerous risks. You're not alone. Luke has dedicated his career to helping people who are in the toughest situations of their lives by holding those who put them there fully accountable for the harm they have caused.

• Medical Malpractice 

• Legal Malpractice

• Car Collisions

• Wrongful Death

• Products Liability

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They tell you "Sorry, nothing we can do," and you think "Have I just been scammed?" Maybe you paid for something that you didn't get. Maybe you got less than you paid for. Maybe you negotiated a deal, but you're being denied the benefit of your bargain. In Massachusetts, the law protects you from deceptive, unfair, and bad-faith business practices. Luke takes on businesses that put their profits ahead of the people they serve.  Corporations have armies of lawyers, but Luke is ready to fight for you and your rights. 

• Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices

• Covenant of Good Faith & Fair Dealing

• Breach of Warranty

• Breach of Contract



You work hard, and all you want is fair compensation and treatment. Instead, your boss isn't paying you for hours that you worked. Maybe you're being treated poorly because of your gender, race, or sexual orientation.  Maybe you're required to pool your tips and your boss is keeping them or using them to pay non-service employees. Luke and his wife met while waiting tables together in Worcester, and he has seen first hand how employees are often treated unfairly by their bosses. Luke is eager to get employees what they deserve from the employers that mistreat them.

• Wage, Hour, and Tips Claims

• Wrongful Termination

• Gender, Race & Sexual-Orientation Discrimination

• Age Discrimination

• Retaliation